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Matthew 4:18-22 The King Chooses His Disciples (18, 21) The King Calls His Disciples (19, 21) The Disciples Follow the King (20, 22)

God's grace should be the main focus after the righteousness of Christ.

The beginning of Christ's earthly ministry.

The King Faces Temptation

Matthew Ch4 v1-11 The King Goes to be Tempted (v1-2) The King Endures Temptation (v3-10) The King Overcomes Temptation (v11)

Title: The King’s Substitutionary Sonship Passage: Matthew 3:13-17 Series: Matthew: The Gospel of the Kingdom Preacher: Dan Ruben The King is Baptized for His People (13-15) The Ki...

Alive in Christ

Matt Ontiveros preaching from Colossians 2:6-15

1. The King's Herald Comes (v 1-6) 2. The King's Opponent's Rebuked (v 7-10) 3. The King's Work Foretold (v 11-12)

Matthew 2:13-23 1. The true King in Egypt (v 13-15) 2. The false king's rage (v 16-18) 3. The true King's exodus (v 17-23)

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